Bull Sharks

Observe the female bull sharks that visit the coast of Playa del Carmen every year from November to March on a thrilling and unforgettable dive.

Diver level:


Max depth: 26m


Bull Sharks!

Playa del Carmen

Travel time on boat:

5 min

Cameras: permitted

no flash

This is an observation dive, we do not feed the sharks 


They approach us if they want to as we sit stationary on the bottom

The Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen are in their natural habitat enjoying their day, we must always respect them and their space

Bull sharks have an average life span of 16 years

They can dive to depths of 490ft/150m

They measure up to 3.5 meters/11.5ft long and can weigh up to 225kg/500lbs

Bull Sharks have 5 senses just like us and they can also sense electricity and vibrations in the water

They have three earlobes which helps them to triangluate exactly where a sound comes from and can hear from a distance of 1.6km/1 mile

The Bull Sharks that come to the shallow waters along the coast of Playa del Carmen are pregnant females


Gestation is 12 months and they may birth up to 16 live young that have an umbilical cord and later a belly button

Newborn Bull Shark babies measure around 70cm/27 inches

Young bull sharks live together in brackish water where other predators can not go. Adult Bull Sharks can adapt to live in fresh or salt water

Tour Description

Meet up 1 hour before departure to prepare gear and have a dive briefing where we explain procedures and discuss approiate behaviour for Bull Shark observation diving

Head to the beach to board the boat and take a quick 5 minute boat ride to Shark Point.

Each diver prepares and checks their gear before we begin the dive

Every diver must wear a black full length wetsuit to participate in this dive.

Remove loose hanging or colorful items from gear

Flashlights, camera flashes & srtobes, knives, noise makers and tank banging are not permitted.


Tank & Weights

Dive Guide

Bottled water

Equipment Rental

$20 USD