El Pit

It's no wonder where this cenote got its name from! Drop down to 30m/100ft and treat your eyes to the mystical looking hydrogen sulfide cloud. Then slowly make your way up as you enjoy the views of the sunbeams, check out stalactites and take a peek at the entrance to the cave diving zone!  

Diver level- advanced deep dive

Max depth: 30m

Highlight: sunbeams, formations, hydrogen sulfide cloud

Travel time: 50 min

Cameras: must pay entry

El Pit is about 50 minutes South of Playa del Carmen inside of the Dos Ojos Park.


Advanced divers and underwater photographers will be thrilled with this spectacular deep dive situated in the heart of the Jungle of the Mayan Riviera. Most cenotes average 8m/26feet so El Pit is certainly a one of a kind treasure!

To really be able to appreciate this beautiful dive buoyancy skills must be excellent. 


Advanced Certificate and previous Cenote dives are a must in order for your diving skills to be evaluated- entry to El Pit is at the discretion of the guide.

Combines nicely with Dos Ojos or Nicte Ha