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Why dive the Cenotes?

There are many different Cenote dives to choose from, you can easily be entertained for an entire dive vacation!

Each cenote is different and offers something special to see or experience! Diver beware.... you may become addicted  

Here are some reasons why we love diving in Heaven Under Earth so much

Cave Diving Playa del Carmen Mexico

Formed drop by drop formations typically take around 100 years to grow just a few centimeters!

When stalactites join with stalagmites they form a column

Some of the formations found in the cenotes are several meters long! 


The sun makes fantastic displays of light as it shines on the surface of the water

Refraction creates the illusion that the light bends as it hits the mirrorlike surface

Rainbows can be seen if you look up at just the right angle

Sunbeams Cenote Diving Mexico
Halocline Cenote Dive Riviera Maya Mexico

This phenomenon occurs when there is fresh water and salt water in the same body of water.

The cool fresh water sits on top of the warmer salt water due to buoyancy differences.

When we mix the layers we get a blurry effect which will be sure to amaze you!!

Fossils Cenote Cave Diving Tulum Mexico



The limestone that makes up the Yucatan Peninsula is what is left behind from an ancient coral reef. 

Search the walls and floors and you are sure to spot sea shells and corals 

Hydrogen Sulfide Clouds

Organic matter that falls into the cenote slowly decomposes creating Hydrogen Sulfide gas that becomes suspended in the water

The tree branches and milky like clouds create a spooky effect and a dive experience like no other

Angelta Cenote Hydrogen Sulfide Cloud Mexico Tulum
Underwater Photography
Cenote Dive Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photographers unite!

If photography is your game you better charge your batteries and come with an empty SD card

Photo opportuinities are simply unlimited


Cenotes are protected from wind and have a barely detectable current so we often get picture perfect reflections from the mirrorlike surface

This creates stunning reflections that are sure to amaze!

Cenote Diving Mexico Riviera Maya Mexico Playa del Carmen Cancun Tulum
Air Domes

When the ceiling of the cave or cavern is above water level we get an air pocket called an air dome

In some cenotes we can surface in these air domes and possibly see some resident bats, or birds

Cenote Dive Mexico Playa del Carmen Tulum Cancun
Cenote Diving Mexico Sunbeams Mexico Playa del Carmen

Crystal clear waters are one of the things that makes cenote diving so inviting

 Filtration through the floor of the rainforest combined with barely detectable currents allow sediment to settle to the bottom and stay there

Ancient Artifacts
Cave Dive Mexico Playa del Carmen Cancun Tulum

Once upon a time the cenotes we dive in today were dry

Skeletons of sloths, foxes, other animals and even humans have been discovered (some dating more than 9000 years old)

Pottery and other tools have also been discovered


Its not just what's inside that counts... each cenote is different from the outside too

Cenote Diving Mexico Playa del Carmen Tulum Cancun
Cave Diving Entrances
Cenote Diving Mexico Playa del Carmen Tulum Cancun

The permanent cavern line that we follow for our dives often lead the way to cave diving sites of the area

We often see warning signs reminding us not to enter unless certified 

Sometime we see cave divers heading in to explore

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