Angel & Cindy

We have been working and travelling together around the globe for the last 10 years in places like Honduras, Zanzibar, Aruba, the Philippines and of course Mexico!

We love diving, travelling and our two dogs! 

Marley from the Philippines and Ramon from Mexico-both rescues from the street.

In our spare time we foster more rescues and find them forever homes!

Come dive with us, you will leave as a friend- not just another customer!

Angel was born in Mexico City and moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2001 to become a tour guide. He led cultural tours, zip lining

and outdoor adventures until he discovered scuba diving in 2004.


He is now a PADI MSDT Instructor, IANTD full cave diver, Sidemount diver, TDI technical diving instructor and your cavern diving guide! 

He is sure to charm you with his infectious smile and passion for diving.


He speaks great English, pays special attention to detail and will ensure that you leave your cenote dive with memories for a lifetime!

Cindy grew up in the small town of Minden, Ontario. Spending her youth at the lake she always knew that she had to find a way to make her office an aquatic one.


She learned to dive in Panama on a surfing vacation and immediately decided that diving was going to be her life one way or another!

Now a PADI MSDT Instructor, Sidemount Diver and Full Cave diver she is spending all of her time doing what she loves!

Cindy will surely chat you up and become your new friend before the end of the dive day!