Whale Sharks

Let us take you on the excursion of a lifetime to snorkel with these gentle giants in their natural habitat! 

Tour Description

Pick up around 6:30 am at your hotel or designated pick up point. Drive 1hr 15min to the dock. 


Light breakfast at dock before departure- travel time to whale shark site varies and cannot be predicted. Expect 1 hour minimum of travel time onboard the boat

When whale sharks are located we swim 2 at a time with the guide

We will have a drink and a sandwich before heading back for a break at Isla Mujeres (weather permitting) for a swim at the beach and a fresh lunch prepared by the crew

Return to pier to board vans for return transportation to Playa Del Carmen

(return time varies- approx 3pm)

Minimum age: 8 years

Travel time by land:

1hr 15 min to Cancun 

Travel time by sea: 

varies depending on location of whale sharks 

Max people per boat:


There must be a minimum of 5 whale sharks in the area in order for snorkelling to be permitted.

In the rare case of 4 or less whale shark viewing will be from onboard the boat only

This rule is in place out of respect to the whale sharks as well as to keep their stress levels down. This helps ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to see them at least from the boat.

When the whale sharks get stressed they often dive deep and may not reappear

Keep your eyes peeled on the boat ride... if you are lucky, you may spot turtles, dolphins or manta rays!

A day for your bucket list!!

The whale sharks are in their natural habitat! No cages, no feeding!

They are not dangerous to us, they don't even have teeth!!!


Round trip transportation from downtown Playa del Carmen

Mask, fins, snorkel & lifevest


Light breakfast


Stop at Isla Mujeres for a break (weather permitting)


Fresh lunch prepared by the crew!

What to Bring:

Dry clothes


Hat & Sunglasses

Rashguard or long sleeve shirt

Extra money

Waterproof bag for phones etc

Biodegradable or Reefsafe sunblock

There is a "dry area" onboard the boat although there are no guarantees that your stuff will stay dry

Use a drybag or ziplock bag to protect items 

Leave behind things you do not need

Get Seasick?

Take preventative medication 1 hour before departure

Do not spend your day feeding the fish!!!

Eat a light breakfast

Don't come hung over

Keep hydrated

Face the front of the boat

Keep your eyes on the horizon

Take preventative medcation

Help us help the Sea

Cover up!

Protect our reefs and wildlife!!!

Sunscreen is only permitted if its




Wear your 



Rash guard/long sleeve shirt

Ready to


Go Diving!

Have a