Casa Cenote

Scuba diving  amongst the mangroves this seaside Cenote offers an experience unlike the rest...

Diver level: open water

Max depth: 5m 

Highlight: mangrove roots, aquatic life, crocodile, sunbeams, crystal clear water

Travel time: 50 mins

Cameras: must pay entry

Casa Cenote is an open cenote located just a few steps away from the ocean. This means that the water is salty and there is an abundance of aquatic life.


Cruise along on an easy yet stunningly beautiful shallow dive through the mangroves. Keep your eyes peeled for the shy resident crocodile, and you will most certainly find crabs, tarpon, and a variety of fish!


Good buoyancy is key here as the bottom like many other cenotes is silty. 

Panchito is the famous resident crocodile at Casa Cenote! 

Spot her suntanning on the warm rocks in the mangroves if you are lucky!

Casa Cenote also known as Cenote Manati is unique as it is situated amongst the mangroves and boasts a vast quantity of aquatic life.