Cenote Nicte Ha

Nicte Ha just begs you to swim slow and take in all the beauty!

Those who have excellent buoyancy and trim will be rewarded with breathtaking views!

Cenote Nicte Ha (water flower in Mayan) is named after the water lilies that are abundant here due to the fact that this Cenote gets sunlight most of the day. Its the sun beaming through the lily pads into the cavern that makes Nicte Ha one for your logbook! If you are lucky you might even spot freshwater turtles swimming amongst the variety of fish enjoying this Cenote paradise!

To really be able to appreciate this beautiful dive you must swim very slow and your buoyancy skills must be excellent. 


Previous Cenote dives are must in order for your diving skills to be evaluated- entry Nicte Ha is at the discretion of the guide.

Combines well with Dos Ojos or el Pit

Diver level: advanced + previous Cenote dive

Max depth: 5m

Highlight: sunbeams, low light, formations, water lillies

Travel time:45 min

Camera: extra fee- permitted at guides discretion